Olga Podolska

Data scientist trained in Psychology

I have a great passion for human behavior,
modeling and designing experiments and researches

I am enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and machine learning, structure and visualization, while enhancing performance of the product.







Olga Podolska

About my work

I started as Financial Analyst and has grown to CFO.
Then I changed my job field into psychology, where I created my own business and developed several psychological games.
Now I work as a data analyst, developing web applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. I realized that it is extremely important to count in human factor: the key to perfecting data patterns is merging technical and cognitive ergonomics. Great data analysis is data storytelling that will allow to present key points to stakeholders in the most precized way.
While I'm specializing in statistical modeling and forecasting, I utilize my AWS, RDS, S3 and other cloud-native tools to provide informative data and support functionality to the product.

Technologies I use:

Tableau, VBA/Excel, API, Bootstrap, MongoDB, R,
Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5/CSS

Recent Projects


GeoJSON data to create interactive earthquake map


The purpose of this project is to visually show the differences between the magnitudes of earthquakes all over the world, as well as the tectonic plates around the globe. Earthquakes used for the last seven days using a URL for GeoJSON earthquake data from the USGS website and retrieve geographical coordinates and the magnitudes of all earthquakes and large earthquakes for the last seven days.

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Using Tableau to visualize bike-sharing data CitiBike


I used Citi Bike data that has been released to the public for my analysis and used Tableau to visualize bike-sharing data. I found out which data could be apply to Des Moines, drawing on both the data expertise and my critical thinking skills. To solidify the proposal, I created the detailed bike trip analysis.

Originally data was stored in the csv file, I used Pandas to change the "tripduration" column from an integer to a datetime datatype, and Tableau to vizualize the analysis.

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UFO Data Analyse

Dynamic web page with table from JavaScript array


This project created to help journalist who write about UFO. Unidentified flying objects are very fascinating topic and she needed the data about it stored in useful and comfortable way. I created for her site with the dynamic data.
I built a table using UFO data stored in a JavaScript array, created filters to make this table fully dynamic, meaning that it react to user input. It is allowing users to filter for multiple criteria at the same time: date, city, state, country, and shape.

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Improbable Beef

JavaScript charts to visualize bacterium biodiversity study


Microbiological startup “Improbable Beef” discovered the bacteria with ability to synthesize proteins that taste like beef. This microorganism can supply next best taste of food, and apparently lives in a human belly button. The company needs volunteers who will take participation in the research: between individuals quantity of bacterial species may vary even in the same location.
By toggling the ID number in the drop-down menu you can discover demographic info each particular participant, what bacteria they contain, how often they participated in the belly buttons washing, and the bubble chart of all bacteria cultures in their sample.

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Read article Marat Bakpayev, Anna Margulis, Olga Podolska
Transforming Homo Mechanicus Into Homo Ludens: Assembling Playfulness For Self-Care
Association for Consumer Research, USA, 2021
Contextualizing assemblage theory, this study explores how individuals engage in ludic aspects of virtual communities. A netnographic study of a natural online self-care quest reveals transformations within the community, the individuals, and the discourse. Each level goes through a four-stage stabilization process of ignition, connection, discovery, and strength.

Read article Olga Podolska
Post-Traumatic Adaptation Method
Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal, USA, 2017

Read article Olga Podolska
Emotional-volitional consequences of childhood trauma
2014, Psychoterapy, peer-reviewed journal, Russian Federation, 2014


University of California, Berkeley, USA

Extension in Data Analysis

Kyiv Pedagogical University, Ukraine

Master of Science in Mathematics, Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Additional Education

Moscow Psychoanalysis Institute, Russia

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

I'm available for work.

Actively contributing to new projects and seeking a full-time role in a fast-paced, agile environment. Get in touch!

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