Price of a counseling session in psychotherapy is a financial reflection of both therapist and client motivation for therapy. Long standing and expensive education, personal therapy and supervision are required to grow into a good professional. On the other hand, therapy effectiveness depends a lot on client's willingness to invest time, effort, money in a process of self improvement. The more a client intends to care of her/himself, including planning of therapeutic sessions, the better preliminary prognosis is.

Approximate cost of a session can be found in table below. If scheduled session appointment has to be cancelled, we ask to do it at least 24 hours in advance. If appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before it scheduled time, it has to be paid for.

Counseling can be paid for both online and by cash before session or training. Discounts are available when course of individual sessions is paid in advance.

To discuss discounts that are not listed in a table below, as well as to communicate about any other questions, please, e-mail or call Olga Podolska.


  Number of sessions Price of one session* Amount*
Individual Session/Skype Session

1 session,

50 minuts

$170 $170
Individual Session/Skype Session

4 sessions,

200 minuts

$140 $560
Individual Session/Skype Session

10 sessions,

500 minuts

$120 $1200

 * Price is effective for a single payment made in advance.


Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Money transfer systems
  • Wire transfer in USA or Russia
  • Cash



Paypal payments should be done in US Dollars. Please, select "Send money to friends and family" option, Paypal charges less for this option or even transfers free of change if you have necessary amount on your Paypal account. If you prefer other payment selection, Paypal fees has to be compensated.

Don't forget to e-mail Olga Podolska about your payment, amount paid, and paypal account payment was made from.


Money transfer systems

 Let me know if you live outside of Russia and USA. I will provide you with information necessary to make a payment. It can be made with Money Transfer Systems, like Western Union, or Money Gramm. E-mail me your name, payment method, and amount.


Wire Transfer

Skype Sessions can be paid for by wire transfer from your bank account both in Russia and USA. Inquire separately for bank account information.

Wire transfer can be made from Russian banking payment system or payment can be made by cash in any local brach of Russian Sberbank.

Wire transfer can also be made from American bank account.

In any other cases Paypal is your choice.



Sessions or seminars can also be paid for by cash before their beginning.

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