Olga Podolska

Olga Podolska is a psychologist and body oriented psychotherapist. She also teaches at Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology. Olga Podolska leads a private practice and performs training programs and webinars in Russia and abroad.

Psychological consulting is a work with both conscious and subconscious sides of a person's psyche. What kind of success you personally want, what resources of your psyche can be used, how to feel and apprehend these resources?

The word "Psychotherapy" comes from Greek: psyche + therapeia. It can be read both as "Treatment of soul" and "Treatment by means of soul". Overcoming of a lot of types of personal problems and even psychiatric disorders requires not so much of use of medicines, but mind changes. Surely shrink that can do it for you has not been born yet. You have to do it yourself. That's what happening in a process of psychotherapy: a person opens his/her new abilities and resources and decided when and how to use them.


Situations you are likely to benefit from psychotherapist help

Quite often a person feels that s/he needs help of a professional to solve his/her problems. But we are not always capable of defining what we are worried about and what kind of psychologist help is desired. If you have difficulties in defining of the subject of your request to psychologist, you always can do it with psychologist's help. during counselling session. Among typical subjects are:

  • Complicated life situations and lack or resources to resolve them;
  • Lack of good feelings, low mood, depression;
  • Complicated points in life, breaking ups, personal crisis;
  • Phobias, panic attacks;
  • Emotional wearing out;
  • Psychological trauma, losses;
  • PTSD;
  • Sexual disfunctions and deviations.



Cost and Payment Methods

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Контактная информация

USA, Walnut Creek, CA
Россия, г. Москва


  • +1 (925) 285-18-02
  • +7 (903) 163-61-59

e-mail: olgapodolska@gmail.com

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